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Mer Boule artist Melissa L. Smith is a Bay Area native that has been drawn to the water at every chance she's had. Escapes during high school would consist of loops from Fremont to Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz and back again. Windows down, music playing, lost in thought and figuring out life, this routine would continue into adulthood. As a chef she would spend seasons cooking on the island of Maui in Hawaii, on a boat in Southeast Alaska, by rivers and streams in Western Montana, and at college above the ever changing Hudson in New York. As a sommelier she would go on to study terroir throughout Europe and the Western United States.

Her work is inspired by nature. The glass meeting the driftwood in a careful and skilled union. At once liquid and frail, but firm and steady; modern, yet timeless, bringing the beauty and wonder of the rapidly changing oceans into stillness. 

Now based in Sausalito she continues to be inspired by the dramatic landscape of the North Coast of California. 

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